Freitag, 8.9. FIRST BREATH AFTER COMA – Postrock aus Portugal ab 21Uhr

The members of FIRST BREATH AFTER COMA are only 20 years old but have a musical maturity far beyond their years. This is surely thanks to their previous incarnation as a high school band, where they played in moldy garages and smoky clubs, trying out their own versions of classics from bands ranging from Joy Division to the Doors and Iggy Pop to the Velvet Underground. They also worked a handful of originals into those early sets, where traces of a post-punk influence were already brewing. Then they decided to stop and give it some time. Hoping to return and catch their breath. A few years later, they returned full force. By 2012, they’d already won the Fade In Festival battle of the bands ZUS!, had been booked in Monkey Week, Vodafone Mexefest, Paredes De Coura, Bons Sons, had made it to the last round of the Thermometer Festival and were also selected as FNAC new talent and released their first concept album, The Misadventures Of Anthony Knivet. In 2016 they have returned with the astonishing new album „Drifter“ and have just been booked for Reeperbahn Festival. While many surmise that FIRST BREATH AFTER COMA may be one of the great hopes for Portuguese music, those who have seen them live know they are already a blast.

„First Breath After Coma ist eine fünfköpfige Shoegaze-Band, die wir so eher aus Edingburgh oder Glasgow erwartet hätten. Hymnische Chöre treffen auf schwer verhallte Vocals und Gitarrenlicks, die wie eine Kreuzung aus Editors und Slowdive klingen. Ihr aktuelles Album DRIFTER erschien in diesem Jahr und sorgte in der Heimat für Erstaunen. Schließlich sind diese Burschen gerade einmal 20 Jahre alt.“ MUSIKEXPRESS

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