Fr 4.11. Konzert: Anatomie Bousculaire (F) + AISATSANA (Rus) 21 Uhr performances in one evening: the alliance of different musically but complementary bands.

Living in different countries, they are sharing the same universe, values in life and vision of art.

AAnatomie Bousculaire2NATOMIE BOUSCULA

IRE is an energetic trio from Paris (France), their unique sound based on a mixture of psychedelic electronics, saturated grunge guitar riffs, deep husky voice and powerful rock drums. They are the winners of “Los Angeles Music Awards” – “Best artist of the year” in the grunge category (2006).


AISATSANA is the solo project of Anastasia Postnikova – singer and keyboard player of famous ethno-industrial girls band IVA NOVA from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) – beautiful voice and a kaleidoscope of synth sounds, samples, modern beats and a live played piano, influenced by trip-hop, jazz and minimalism.

Don’t miss the final – every time at the end of the show they are playing something together!


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